The Cut'n'Mix Postmodern Word Processor

Cut'n'Mix is a unique word processing application which helps creative writers generate new ideas through the use of different methods of text randomization and manipulation. Cut'n'Mix expands the writer's canvas into the realms of nonsense and unintelligibility. Words can be revolutionary mental objects or dull fragments of a dismal preprogrammed existence. (Take your pick.) This site will introduce you to how-tos beyond the regular schoolbook thinking, and it all begins with the postmodern word processor known as Cut'n'Mix.:

News for Spring 2014:

In February 2012, Version 5.4 was to be the final release of Cut'n'Mix available for shareware licensing. Later that year Cut'n'Mix ceased to be a commercial "product" with associated bug fixes and technical support... Now, in response to numerous requests, an "as-is" (unsupported), full-function version of Cut'n'Mix will be made available (for a small download fee) from the DIGIMATICA media file download library:

Cut'n'Mix download available here.

(Previous licensees can get a free download credit if they need a new copy of the installer: email for more info.)